Introducing two new ways to buy mobile app install ads with Twitter

By @Twitter
Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Last year, we launched objective-based campaigns, reports, and pricing to help our clients create and optimize successful ad campaigns — while only paying for the actions aligned with their marketing objectives. Today, we’re taking this idea a step further by introducing optimized action bidding and cost per install bidding, two new ways for marketers to pay for their mobile app install campaigns. These features join the existing cost per app click model for a total of three different ways marketers can optimize their mobile app campaigns for the highest possible ROI.

Introducing two new ways to buy mobile app install ads with Twitter

One of the biggest challenges app marketers face is balancing cost efficiency with volume. While the cost per app click model allows you to drive user acquisition at scale, optimized action bidding and cost per install bidding offer new ways to control your campaign budgets, enabling Twitter’s technology to optimize based on your cost-per-install target.

  • Optimized action bidding enables you to bid on the install rather than the app click, maintaining scale while driving increased campaign efficiencies. During beta testing, this format resulted in double-digit percentage decreases in cost per installs compared to buying on cost per app click, at the same level of spend.
  • Cost per install bidding allows you to bid and pay for the app install — ensuring that you only pay when your Twitter campaign drives an install. Among our beta partners, this model lowered costs by 20-30%.

Introducing two new ways to buy mobile app install ads with Twitter

In beta, our clients have used both bidding models to successfully lower costs across their app install campaigns:

Twitter is one of our best partners for acquiring app customers. Thanks to their optimized action bidding, we have seen return on ad spend improve across our key markets on iOS, and are now rolling it out across both our iOS and Android app.

Shahil HiridjeeSenior Mobile Marketing Manager, EMEA,

With cost per install bidding, we only pay for the action that we value most — the app install. This has driven our cost-per-install down by as much as 15% in select campaigns. We look forward to scaling our campaigns with this bid type as it evolves to be even more efficient.

Geoffrey SandersVice President, Paid Media & Demand Generation, Gilt

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Optimized action bidding and cost per install bidding are now available globally to all advertisers running Twitter mobile app promotion campaigns with conversion tracking enabled. To get started, go to or visit our Help Center to learn more.