Q2 MoPub Marketplace Report: Programmatic gets personal

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

We’re pleased to publish the latest Marketplace Report, a quarterly update that takes an in-depth look at trends in monetization and ad performance across the mobile programmatic ecosystem. It reflects data from our MoPub Marketplace, which is representative of over 31,000 active mobile apps, more than 264 billion monthly ad requests, more than 1 billion unique devices, and 155+ demand-side platforms.

Download the full report or read on for highlights:

Direct relationships helped publishers and demand partners maximize the benefits of programmatic through Private Marketplaces.

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Publishers who executed direct deals through Private Marketplaces in Q2 increased quarterly revenue by 93% more than others. On the buy side, one demand partner was able to work with a publisher to gain exclusive access to premium inventory and achieve 2.9x higher click-through rates than the open marketplace while decreasing cost per click by 44%.

New ad formats have become ubiquitous

While banners continue to play a critical role in app monetization strategies, the number of publishers who have adopted newer formats like video, interstitials, and native grew significantly into Q2 2015 compared to Q2 2014 (see chart above). Demand partners have followed suit with the ad format evolution — being quick to integrate, adopt, and spend.

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Other highlights from the report:

  • Passing precise location helps publishers monetize: Top publishers earned 8% higher eCPMs on inventory when, with user permission, they passed precise location and personalize ad requests. Furthermore, they open themselves up to additional buyers and campaigns that take place exclusively on inventory passing location.
  • New ad formats see price increases with growing competition: As buyers have latched on to the swift expansion in new formats, eCPMs have increased year-over-year by 31% (video), 46% (interstitial), and 40% (native).
  • Brands have ramped up spend across programmatic: Globally across the Marketplace, brand advertisers have increased spend substantially. The top 25 brands spent 112% more in Q2 2015 versus the same period a year ago.

The data reflected here is solely representative of quarterly trends from exchange-traded media; it does not include any ad network or ad network mediation data. MoPub does not sell advertising and does not buy inventory. The data includes quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends across several dimensions that impact revenue for mobile application publishers.

Also please note that the general findings here are based on internal data and data from a third party, and may be subject to errors and omissions. Each ad campaign is different.

Have questions or want more details? Email MoPub-datareports@twitter.com and we’ll be in touch.


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