Twitter and Bloomberg team up to improve financial alerts with Twitter data

By @Twitter
Wednesday, 16 September 2015

What happens on Twitter can, and does, move financial markets. Naturally, this has made our enterprise data offerings highly sought out in the finance sector. At the same time, processing the ever-increasing amount of financially relevant Twitter data can be a challenge for market professionals.That’s why we’re pleased to share that the Twitter Data team is working with Bloomberg to extend our existing agreement to bring more Twitter data to financial professionals.

Bloomberg (@Bloomberg) was the first financial software platform to integrate Tweets for its customers, beginning in April 2013. Today, they are significantly increasing the amount of Twitter data available on their platform @TheTerminal, improving the alerts provided through the Bloomberg Social Velocity tool. Twitter data plays a crucial role in helping watch for unexpected jumps in conversation volume, which can be a critical indicator for traders.

Our customers have told us that Twitter helps them uncover early trends, breaking news, and sentiment shifts, which may be indicative of changing market conditions. By incorporating real-time information from Twitter into their workflow, Bloomberg makes this data accessible and discoverable so that our clients can react quickly to important news and trends.

Ben MacdonaldGlobal Head of Product, Bloomberg

This new agreement will further enhance financially relevant information found on the social media platform for users of the Bloomberg Professional service. Bloomberg’s offering for customers now includes a live feed of curated financial Tweets, alerts on spikes of Tweet activity related to companies, sentiment analysis, and the ability to graph historical Twitter volume related to securities or topics, with even more features planned.

Bloomberg terminal with Twitter data

Twitter’s integration with Bloomberg will soon allow the financial community to track Tweet volumes and sentiment around stocks, commodities, FX or topics and overlay this information on a moment-by-moment basis against real-time market data.

Our agreement with Bloomberg highlights the growing importance of Twitter in driving investment and trading decisions. Increased access to this information through the Bloomberg Professional service will continue to accelerate as the adoption of Twitter data through the financial services community grows in importance.

Chris Moody@chrismoodycomVice President of Twitter data