Announcing our 2016 #HelloWorld developer tour

By @Twitter
Wednesday, 20 January 2016

At Twitter Flight, Jack asked developers to give us feedback and ideas on how we could improve the Twitter platform. We’ve been listening to your comments – and now we want to meet you in person, learn about what you’re building, and share what we’ve been working on. That’s why today we are announcing our international #HelloWorld developer tour.

Announcing our 2016 #HelloWorld developer tour

These events will focus on several aspects of the Twitter Platform, including Fabric for mobile development, Gnip for data analysis, and the public Twitter APIs.

You’ll get to meet and learn from members of these teams, and we’ll be joined by local industry leaders who will share more about the technologies they’re using to build the best applications.

Click on any of the cities below for more information and register.

For all the latest updates about the #HelloWorld tour, follow us at @TwitterDev. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the road!

Update Mar. 31, 2016: Since our original announcement we have added Kenya, Australia, and Germany to our list of destinations for the tour!