Celebrating 3 years of Twitter Ads API innovation

By @Twitter
Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Three years ago, we launched the Ads API program to empower our partners to build innovative tools for advertisers around the globe. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the ecosystem since then — there are currently hundreds of partners building into our open API platform, and we now have 16 Twitter Official Partners in 21 countries. And today, we’re announcing a more mature and stable Ads API with major technical enhancements including versioning, improved analytics, and developer sandbox capabilities. We believe this will help our partners scale their solutions more efficiently than ever before. We’re also pleased to announce three new partners: Nanigans, Comprendi, and Gupta Media.

To celebrate the third anniversary of the program, here’s a look at some of the unique features our partners have launched using the Ads API, Twitter’s public API, and Gnip data:

Big data
@Comprenditech has built proprietary natural language processing and learning algorithms that help advertisers harness the power of textual big data to build more effective hyper-targeted Twitter campaigns. Called Text2Insight, the product helps advertisers increase ROI and reach for their mobile app promotion campaigns. One gaming app advertiser saw in-app purchase volume increase 38x while retaining the same cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Ride-sharing app Gett (formerly known as Get Taxi) saw a 2.5x increase in in-app purchases at a 20% lower CPA.

Comprendi’s unique offering has been instrumental to our success on Twitter. They took us from zero to top 20% of installed gaming apps in just a few months.

Mark Beck VP of User Acquisition at Product Madness, a Comprendi client

Listening keyword recommendation
New York-based partner @Sprinklr helps advertisers bridge the gap between organic content management and paid ads. They developed a Twitter listening tool powered by Gnip to make it easier for clients to easily monitor conversation about their brand, competitors, or a certain product. The tool has helped advertisers become smarter marketers as it detects relevant keywords from those topics and then applies them to paid campaigns, making advertising more precisely targeted and effective.

By using targeting listening keyword recommendations, we were able to significantly increase campaign performance. Not only did we see 5.75x the number of link clicks, but we also generated 12x the impressions at 8x lower cost per link click.

Ryan RussCEO of Loop Loft, a Sprinklr client

Brand intelligence
@Amobee developed a tool to help brands understand the conversations happening about their brand, product, or industry on Twitter — and use this information to better target Twitter Ads. By using both real-time and historical data, their Brand Intelligence tool provides comprehensive monitoring of trends, and offers a holistic view into each trend’s drivers and audience interests. Customers use these insights to determine the ideal timing for campaigns, tailor the best messages to their audience, and assess how their campaigns affect their overall marketing goals. Using this tool, a Fortune 500 client was able to deliver a Twitter engagement rate of over of 25%:

The Brand Intelligence tool captures a unique set of data that can be immediately or systematically applied to our campaigns. It can really drive actionable insights beyond your typical social platform reporting. The tool contributes to brand and media conversations that can create an overall better campaign.

Kellogg an Amobee client

Get started

We’re excited to continue collaborating with our Ads API partners to develop powerful, innovative products for advertisers big and small on Twitter. If you’re an advertiser interested in working with an Ads API partner, you can find the best partner for your business needs at our Partner Marketplace. If you’d like to become an Ads API partner, apply today.