Drive brand conversation with the new Instant Unlock Card

By @ilyabr0wn
Thursday, 4 August 2016

One measure of a successful campaign is whether people are talking about and interacting with your brand. To help you drive those interactions, we introduced conversational ads to select advertisers and began testing the Promoted Tweet Carousel earlier this year. Starting today, managed global advertisers can now use conversational ads and a brand-new Instant Unlock Card that encourages people to Tweet to unlock exclusive content.

How it works

Conversational ads contain compelling images or videos that include call-to-action buttons with customizable hashtags. The new Instant Unlock Card builds on this by incentivizing users to Tweet by offering access to exclusive content (e.g., a film’s trailer or an exclusive Q&A) after the Tweet is sent.

These formats are exclusive to Twitter and make it even easier for consumers to engage with and spread a brand’s campaign message. It’s a powerful way for advertisers to extend their presence across Twitter. During the beta, brands saw an average 34% earned media rate. That means for every 100 paid impressions, an advertiser receives 34 earned impressions!

Measuring success

While we’re at it, we’re also announcing advanced analytics to help you keep track of conversational ad units. Just visit the Twitter Ads dashboard to see engagement metrics and the earned media you generated with your campaign.

Even more campaign insights are available to global marketers through Brand Hub’s Watchlist feature. See how many people are Tweeting your campaign hashtag, how many impressions your campaign earned, and check out the most influential Tweets. (Select US advertisers can also track the impact conversational ads have on their TrueVoice score, a metric to help track share of brand conversation in real time.)

Conversational ad buzz

Don’t just take our word for it. Clients who participated in the beta shared feedback about their own experience with conversational ads, including the new Instant Unlock Card:

@AMC_TV wanted to make a splash at @Comic_Con and maximize buzz around its hit show @WalkingDead_AMC. The company created an exclusive trailer that was only available online on Twitter with the Instant Unlock Card. With a passionate fanbase eager to watch this world premiere, the campaign drove conversation that allowed @AMC_TV to stand out above the noise.

In a crowded environment, this powerful new feature helped us give fans at Comic-Con and beyond what they were hungry for – more of ‘The Walking Dead.’

Suzanne ParkVP of Marketing, AMC

Drive brand conversation with the new Instant Unlock Card

@AMC_TV offered fans access to an exclusive trailer

For the launch of @CocaCola’s #TasteTheFeeling campaign in the United States, the brand wanted to drive engagement and buzz amongst teens. It ran a conversational video ad featuring influential Niche creators and an auto-response to distribute @CocaCola’s branded GIFs in-feed. The result was 180K mentions of @CocaCola and #TasteTheFeeling branded terms on the day of launch. As a result of these efforts and their campaigns in other global markets, #TasteTheFeeling was a top organic global trend on launch day!

Coca-Cola is always looking for ways to think creatively, further our partnerships and explore new technologies. Conversational ads had never before been used in combination with influencers. Twitter was a great partner in helping us think differently and use the technology in a truly ownable way.

Katie O’GormanDirector, Social Center, Coca-Cola North America

 Drive brand conversation with the new Instant Unlock Card

@CocaCola featured Niche influencers to drive conversation

@Marvel broke through on Super Bowl Sunday by launching #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan emojis and featuring them in a conversational ad unit that drove its audience to engage and pick a side; as a result, this drove massive amounts of conversation on Twitter. On the day of the Super Bowl alone, @Marvel drove 1.5M mentions. In the week following the Super Bowl, the brand had a 6.5X lift in conversation about the movie.

Drive brand conversation with the new Instant Unlock Card

@MarvelStudio’s used emojis in their conversational ad

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