Drive increased scale for your Twitter Audience Platform app install campaigns with native ads

By @dkang
Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Advertisers who want to drive more downloads of their apps can now do so with the click of a button through a flexible new ad format. Native ads are now available to advertisers running mobile app install campaigns on the Twitter Audience Platform (TAP). TAP can extend these campaigns to reach an audience of more than 800 million visitors to Twitter and thousands of popular apps.

The rise of native
The goal of native advertising is to create an experience where the ad is a cohesive part of the content that someone is already consuming. Recently, “native” has been used to refer to mobile in-app ads that match the existing look, feel, form, and function of the app in which they appear. Sound familiar? Twitter pioneered this ad type with Promoted Tweets over 6 years ago.

Historically, advertisers have struggled to scale their creative resources to align with the custom executions that native advertising requires, especially on mobile. But in the last few years, native has seen a big surge due to the rise of programmatic in-app formats, making it possible for advertisers to quickly and easily deploy native ads and for publishers to offer them.

For app publishers, native is rapidly becoming a keystone ad format. MoPub introduced the first scalable solution for app developers 3 years ago. Since that launch, MoPub’s Global Mobile Programmatic Trends Report shows the number of apps with native ad inventory increased by 251% from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016, while the spend on native ads increased 29.6% from Q1 2016 to Q2 2016.

The effectiveness of native
As native ads enhance the in-app experience rather than disrupt the flow of consumption, people are more likely to read, process, click, and engage. Native ads have 220% higher CTR than on their 300x250 counterparts (MoPub, 2016) and 58% of US millennials say that they favor native ads — a greater proportion than the combined percentages of those who prefer banner, subscription, pop-up or other ads (Qualtrics, 2016).

In beta tests, we’ve seen a +56% lift in click-through install conversions on campaigns running native ads when compared to other formats such as static banner and interstitials.

How it works
Native ads use your existing assets so you don’t have to worry about making a unique set of creatives for each publisher. Simply check the “native” box when launching a new mobile app install campaign on the Twitter Audience Platform and your ad content will be automatically re-assembled to match each app’s unique design and layout.

Get Started
Native ads on the Twitter Audience Platform are now available to all advertisers driving mobile app installs, globally. To get started with Twitter Ads, visit