Drive more scale for your performance campaigns with Twitter

By @BecRes
Friday, 20 May 2016

We’re excited to announce that the Twitter Audience Platform is available to all performance advertisers around the world. Now, advertisers who want to drive website clicks or conversions or mobile app installs can seamlessly extend their campaigns to Twitter’s audience of more than 800 million visitors – whether they’re on Twitter, or engaging with thousands of mobile apps and websites. We’re also introducing new creative formats to help direct response advertisers better connect with this influential, high-intent audience across both mobile and desktop.

Here’s what’s new:

More scale for your Website Clicks or Conversions and Mobile App Installs campaigns
You can now reach your target audience wherever they are and with greater precision by tapping into our unique interest data on and off Twitter. Not only will you be able to reach a larger audience, but you’ll have more opportunities to reach your audience no matter what device they’re on. And you can easily measure your cross-device campaigns directly within your ads dashboard. We see that people who use Twitter who make a purchase spend on average 8% more than people who don’t use Twitter who also purchased a product, good or service, and in some cases –– spend up to 18% more.

New formats and new ways to reach your audience
In addition to automatically transforming your Promoted Tweets into native ads, banners, and interstitials, clients with an account manager will also now have the option to upload creative formats in standard IAB ad sizes. This is a great option if you want to test and optimize multiple creatives for campaigns that extend beyond Twitter.

Drive more scale for your performance campaigns with Twitter

For select US advertisers using the Website Clicks or Conversions objective, we’re also leveraging TellApart technology to begin testing the ability to extend campaigns to thousands of websites, in addition to mobile apps. When these advertisers extend their campaigns to the Twitter Audience Platform, campaigns will automatically reach mobile app, desktop, and mobile web inventory. Promoted Tweets will be instantly formatted for mobile and web ad formats, making it easy for advertisers to run creatives across both platforms.

Our data shows that people who were exposed to ads driving website conversions on both mobile and desktop devices were 52% more likely to make purchases compared to people who were only exposed on one device. Website inventory is currently being tested in the US, and we have plans to expand this functionality internationally in the coming months.

Drive more scale for your performance campaigns with Twitter

Client success
Over the last few months, we’ve received positive feedback about how the Twitter Audience Platform has helped performance advertisers drive more cost-efficient scale for their campaigns.

Samsung UK (@SamsungUK) used the Twitter Audience Platform to drive greater awareness and purchases for the new Galaxy S7 device:

“When we were launching our Galaxy S7 campaign, we were looking for new ways increase the scale of our efforts and reach incremental users from our target audience. From previous early adoption of the Twitter Audience Platform we found that this was a simple and effective way for us to extend our Twitter campaign to reach our audience, both on and off of Twitter. By extending the direct response phase of our campaign to reach users within mobile apps, we drove significantly more scale for our campaign at cost-efficient CPLCs.”

Graeme Winston,
Paid Social Associate Director, Precision Marketing, Starcom MediaVest Group

5miles (@5milesapp), a marketplace app that allows people to buy and sell goods locally, increased their reach by 87% and decreased its cost per install by 2x with the Twitter Audience Platform:

“We’ve seen that the value of a user driven by Twitter is far greater than that of similar platforms. Twitter Audience Platform amplifies that effect by enabling us to connect with potential new app users whenever and wherever they feel most comfortable - on and off Twitter.”

Lora Duan, Digital marketing director, 5miles

Drive more scale for your performance campaigns with Twitter

Get started
The Twitter Audience Platform is now available to all advertisers driving website clicks or conversions and mobile app installs, globally, over the next week. These advertisers have the option to instantly extend their campaigns to the Twitter Audience Platform within the Twitter Ads UI. To get started with Twitter Ads, visit