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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Twitter is where the world’s most influential people connect with each other and with the wider social media community in a way that’s never been possible before. Politicians, sports stars, actors, musicians, and many others are vibrant participants in a huge range of discussions. In fact, 82% of world leaders are on Twitter. But until recently, it has been challenging for financial market participants to join in the conversation. That’s changing with today’s announcement from Bloomberg that their customers can now Tweet directly from their Bloomberg Terminal.

In 2013, the SEC confirmed that public companies can use Twitter to comply with their fair disclosure obligations (“Reg FD” applies to Twitter”). Last year Twitter and Bloomberg announced a deepening of a long-term data agreement enabling larger amounts of data, improved functionality, analytics and alerting available for Bloomberg Professional subscribers. However, until now many financial professionals have continued to grapple with how best to implement a compliant outbound social media communications strategy.

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Customers tell us they love having Twitter’s live, market-moving content at their fingertips on the Bloomberg Professional service. We’re thrilled to take the next step by enabling firms to Tweet right from the Terminal in a compliant manner. This allows our subscribers to engage in key conversations with the broad and influential audience on Twitter as well as other financial professionals using the Terminal.

Ted Merz

Global Head of News and Economics Product, Bloomberg

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Tweeting right from the Bloomberg Terminal allows BTIG to increase our visibility within the financial news and information platform used most by our global clientele. Bloomberg’s new tool seamlessly integrates into our existing workflow and is as easy to Tweet from as the Twitter application itself.

Rich Greenfield

Managing Director, Media & Tech Analyst at BTIG


If you’re already a Bloomberg Professional subscriber, you can contact your firm’s compliance office to enable access to Tweet from the Terminal and more information is available at SOCIAL <GO>. And if you’re looking for more details about how others in the financial markets are leveraging Twitter data, check out our most recent post about sentiment analytics.

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